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The second library, located in the southeast corner of the ground floor of Benedictine Hall (the area that would later become the old cafeteria/Ben Central), St. Procopius College, Lisle, IL 1915

Crowded library stacks, shortly prior to move to Lownik, c. 1962

BH1927 second library.jpg
Library stacks in the second library location for St. Procopius College (now Benedictine University), 1927. At this time, the library was located on the ground floor of Benedictine Hall.

A Benedictine monk checks out library materials to a St. Procopius College (now Benedictine University) student, 1957. At this time, the library was located in the ground floor of Benedictine Hall.

A picture of the library staff in the 1932 Yearbook featuring the student workers as well as Rev.. Adolph Hrdlicka, O.S.B., the librarian at the time.

A description of the St. Procopius College library excerpted from the 1921-1922 edition of Saint Procopius Announcements, pages 9-10.

A speaker is giving a lecture in Lownik Library's Auditorium in 1969.

Students are reading books in the lounge in front of the circulation desk while another student is checking out a book in Lownik Library c. 1970's

Circle K meeting in Lownik Library conference room, c. 1970s

Students meeting in the Lownik Library conference room to listen to a lecture.
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