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Cheerleaders performing in gym at Benedictine University, c. 1970

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A patriotic poem by J. W. Riley, published as a full page in the Studensky Listy.

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P. Vaclav, OSB, wrote this article commemorating the eighth anniversary of Czechoslovakian independence as part of WWI. This was published in a supplement to the Studensky Listy.

A description of the St. Procopius College library excerpted from the 1921-1922 edition of Saint Procopius Announcements, pages 9-10.

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Rev. Alphonse Biskup was a popular professor and prefect who served in WWI.

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An illustration of a woman and child mourning an infant in its cradle, this was a full page in the Studensky Listy. The caption is in Czech and translates to "mother's grief."

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This article in the Studensky Listy refers to a patriotic speech made by President Neuzil, complete with slides of the college decorated in red, white and blue.

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Excerpts from a letter from alumnus George Vanos include a description of a naval procession and details of his journey across the Atlantic to France.
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