The Jurica Nature Museum

Moving the Specimens-2 Items

Moving the specimens from Benedictine Hall to Scholl was allegedly a very painful experience.

Jurica Museum-Scholl Hall

A snapshot of the Jurica Nature Museum in the Scholl Science Learning Center.

Fr. Theodore Suchy Curating Nature Museum.

Pictured here is Father Theodore Suchy, O.S.B., a long time curator of the Jurica Museum. The museum was later renamed the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum in March of 2009, shortly before his death in 2012.

Many would argue that the original Jurica Nature Museum was within Fr. Hilary's and Fr. Edmund's classrooms in the west wing of Benedictine Hall. However, it never took the form of an exhibit until it was moved to Scholl. The Juricas' classrooms were scattered with numerous specimens that they had collected throughout their decades at the college.

The move from Benedictine Hall to the new Scholl Science Learning Center began in the summer of 1969. The Jurica brothers supervised the difficult move which often required the use of pulleys to bring specimens from the attic of Benedictine Hall to the ground floor. Allegedly, some less than appropriate language was used during the move.

Father Theodore Suchy mentioned that the move was difficult on Father Hilary. Unfortunately, Fr. Hilary would not survive to see the completed exhibit in Scholl. The museum was dedicated on November 18th, 1971 and hosted by his brother Fr. Edmund. Sadly, Fr. Edmund also passed away a year later.

The museum would remain in Scholl until the construction of the Birck Hall of Science in 2001. Fr. Ted became curator of the museum in 1990 and the museum was renamed the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum in honor of his efforts. He continued to serve the museum in whatever capacity possible until his passing in 2012. The university had re-affirmed his employment for the next semester shortly before he died.

The Jurica Nature Museum