Birth of the Czechoslovakian Nation

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[The birth of the Czechoslovakian nation], Carnegie Endowment for Peace, Wikimedia Commons, 1924 (Source: Benedictine University Archives) (8)

A Struggle for Independence

Many members of the St. Procopius community had close ties to the Czechoslovakian area and watched the war with great interest, hoping for independence for their country. 

When the war began, the area now known as the Czech Republic was part of Bohemian territory in the country of Austria-Hungary. The Bohemian territory was comprised of many different ethnic groups including Czech.   

The Czech peoples' hopes for independence were realized in October 1918, when the country of Czechoslovakia was founded as one of the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as dictated by the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon.

This map illustrates the Bohemian area before and after the war. The empire of Austria-Hungary was divided into six different countries, including Czechoslovakia. (9)




[Article by P. Vaclav, OSB, on WWI's effects on Czechoslovakia, pt 1]

[Article celebrating Czech independence written by Rev. Vaclav, OSB], Supplement to the Studentsky Listy, October 1926, part one (Source: Benedictine University Archives)

This article, written by Fr. P. Vaclav, OSB, celebrates the eighth anniversary of Czech independence. Included in a supplement to the Studentsky Listy from October 1926, it reads in part: "Eight years ago, the world was in the throes of a great war...Millions of men, young and old, fought savagely...Behind the fronts, old men, women and children were praying more than five years this calamity should come to an end...The various Racial Groups of Austria, predominantly Slavic, were bend hard to seize their old-time independence. Now, after centuries of anxious waiting, the momentous hour came to assert their God-given claim."

[Article by P. Vaclav, OSB, on Czechoslovakian independence, pt 2]

[Article celebrating Czech independence written by Rev. Vaclav, OSB], Supplement to the Studentsky Listy, October 1926, part two (Source:Benedictine University Archives)

Fr. Vaclav's article continues: "And lo, on the 28th of October, 1918, the hour struck for the restoration of the cherished independence of the CzechoSlovak people...Today, on the eighth anniversary of that glorious event, let us breathe a prayer that God may continue to bless and preserve OUR PEOPLE in Righteousness."

The Great War
Birth of the Czechoslovakian Nation