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Library of Change: Celebrating 125 Years of Benedictine University 1887-2012


St. Procopius, St. Benedict, and the Benedictine order represent knowledge, hospitality, and a rich culture of valuing books and the written word, and the school that is their namesake has carried on and embraced that tradition. The school has put effort into strengthening and expanding its library over the years, beginning with the purchase of several thousand volumes in 1918, to the expansion of the first library located in Benedictine Hall, up to the 2012 renovation of the Library in Kindlon Hall. This exhibit explores the evolution of the Benedictine University Library. 

A Physical History of Ben U

Benedictine University has undergone many physical changes to meet the needs of the students and to advance the quality of education.  These needs vary from a risings student body to changes in the academic curriculum.  Even during the Great Depression and other challenging periods, Ben U kept adding additions and improving. Throughout the exhibit you will learn how the the University went about meeting the school's changing needs.

Let's Go Ben U!

Take a peek into the athletic history of Ben U!  We'll be updating each season with additional histories of all our teams.


The World War I Years, 1914-1920

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This exhibit examines St. Procopius College, now Benedictine University, during the World War I era. Many alumni of the all-male school served in the Armed Forces and sent letters to their alma mater, describing their duties in great detail. In addition, the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 took its toll on St. Procopius College students, faculty, and alumni. St. Procopius responded to these challenges with a strong sense of community and patriotism.

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The Buildings of Science at Benedictine

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Benedictine University's campus has undergone many changes in its long history. New buildings were constructed, older ones were destroyed, and the college has changed its name twice.

Despite the many changes the college has experienced, one thing has remained constant--a long tradition of an excellence in science.

The constant changes to the buildings on the Lisle campus represent the efforts of the college to improve its science program. This exhibit will take a look at all buildings past and present relating to science at Benedictine University, and some of the developments regarding the science programs themselves.