A Campus Expanded

Timeline of Campus Construction

1925: First gymnasium (no longer standing) constructed.

1937-42: Procopius Hall, the first dedicated science building, constructed.

1948: Alumni Memorial Field dedicated.

1950: Jaeger Hall construction begins.

1952: Observatory constructed.

1954: The Physical Science Laboratory was organized.

1960: Kohlbeck Hall construction begins.

1962-64: Lownik Library construction.

1967: Scholl Science Learning Center construction begins.

1968: Neuzil Hall construction begins.

1969-70: Ondrak Hall, first women's residence hall, construction begins.

1971: Jurica-Suchy Natural History Museum dedicated.

1974: Physical Education Learning Center (later dedicated as the Rice Center) begins construction.

1986: Krasa Center construction begins.

1999: Kindlon Hall and Birck Hall construction begins.

2004: Sports Complex construction begins.